Allium ursinum, Liliaceae
Photo No. 79: Allium ursinum, Liliaceae (Open in new window), Author: , Date: April 21, 2014

Herbae Thylacini: A unique project connecting Medicinal Plants, Research and Education

Herbae Thylacini is a unique project connecting my life-long passions for pharmacy, medicinal plants and research & education. In honor of the Tasmanian tiger (Thylacinus cynocephalus) Herbae Thylacini draws attention to our natural environment, particularly to the plants. I believe that by improving knowledge of the plants around us, we can discover new medicines, and find better ways to live in harmony with nature. Herbae Thylacini is based on Bruny Island (Tasmania, Australia).

~ Herbae Thylacini is a collection of hand-crafted herbal products for skin and dental care. I have been using my beloved medicinal plants to take care of my body & soul for years. Using my extensive knowledge of galenic formulation, chemistry and medicinal plants, I have carefully formulated a portfolio of herbal products which I now share through Herbae Thylacini. My formulations feature Australian medicinal plants to acknowledge the surrounding nature. Don’t expect long lists of chemicals – I use only natural ingredients, sourced as locally as possible.

~ My scientific training allows me to stay at the forefront of herbal research and provides the ability to critically assess the latest research and ideas on herbalism and well-being. Through Herbae Thylacini I pursue my dreams working on scientific approaches that deepen our understanding of nature’s medicine.

~ I have been always keen on education – both as a receiver and as a giver. I never stop learning. The ultimate goal for Herbae Thylacini is to create a forum for sharing traditional and scientific knowledge of medicinal plants and to promote awareness of, and respect for, nature. My herbal products and educational activities stand on the foundations of traditional knowledge and respected scientific research.

I am creating a community of people with knowledge. Join me on my mission.

- Dr. Karolina Skraskova