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19th IMSC Opening Ceremony

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Kyoto Conference Center 19th International Mass Spectrometry Conference was about to be started on Sunday 16th September. The opening ceremony was scheduled for half pas three in the afternoon. We decided to take the advantage of morning time to see another nice place in Kyoto.

Our morning place of choice was the Nijo castle. It could be compared to any of the Czech castles in no way. The Japanese style castle was all made of wood, had no furniture but lots of beautiful “whole-wall” paintings. The gardens were peaceful and calm; perfect place for relaxing. Meanwhile we admired the castle, we were also discussing, what would be a general reaction of Czech visitors on compulsory shoes-off taking before entering a castle in CR. Anyways, I wouldn’t recommend taking your Manolo shoes for a visit in such case. Flea market flip-flops would be more appropriate. :-)


Our shoes had to be taken off also when we had a look at a small pavilion at Kyoto Goyen garden. During a short video show we also discovered “our chainsaw beetle” from the other day. Well, although the name would be fitting, the actual Latin name is: Cryptotympana facialis.

The 19th International Mass Spectrometry Conference was opened by three plenary lectures in the afternoon. I was not so taken away by them this time. However, the ceremony was very nice. As well as the evening was. There was a Japanese style banquet organized, during which I had opportunities to meet several scientific friends. I spent the rest of the evening in discussion with Czech mass spectrometrists.

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