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Journey to Japanese IMSC 2012 and first day in Kyoto

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In front of Kyomizu Dera zdroj: journey to Japan took us basically one whole day. We set off from Ruzyně airport in Prague at 9 a.m. (Thursday 13th Sep), at Amsterdam-Schiphol we changed for a boeing to Ósaka and lend there at 9 a.m. again (Friday 14th Sep). However, we added seven hours on our watches, so the travelling itself took 16 hours. From Ósaka we moved on to Kyóto by train.

We got to Kyóto’s hotel at 1:30 p.m. We all desired to take at least a short nap (which would for sure be extended to a long sleep…), because the sleep/drowse on plane was none of those comfortable ones. However, we wanted to confuse our body and get used to the time shift, so we all agreed upon meeting at two o’clock at the reception.

First item on a to-do list was a lunch. We browsed through the city streets and passed over several bistros, which offered food without pictures (too difficult and risky for us to order). At last we chose one place with plastic models of served meals in a window. The staff spoke no English at all, but we managed to order with simple pointing the finger at selected bowl with the arranged plastic food. Me and Hanka ordered a pork fillet with egg omelet and rice, the others went for shrimp veggie mix with rice. The two of us made relatively good choice, but the rest of our group had a very difficult time to consume at least a bit of a slimy sticky sauce with unidentifiable boiled to mush pieces of hoped-to-be vegetables.

After the not very successful lunch, we moved on to the city center. We wanted to glimpse at at least one Kyóto temple. However, the sights in Kyóto close typically at 5 p.m. and we were not let in the gardens any more. Michal found on a touristic map, that the famous temple Kyomizu Dera closes at six, so we did not hesitate to transfer there.

We arrived at our hotel around 7 p.m.  The room was hot and stuffy, as the outside wheater was despite the soft rain. We tried to survive without turning on the air-conditioning, which is by the way in every building and public transportation. (A light sweater is always handy.)

P.S. Comments on photogallery

You probably recognized the temple of Kyomizu Dera according to the text and the opening picture. The other temple's name remained unknown to me. The photo with people drinking water is from Kyomizu Dera - the rite demands to wash your hands and gulp down bit of water. The Japanese word "Kyomizu" stands for "clean water".

The beetle on one of the pics made a horrible very loud sound.

And at the end several photos from Kyoto's underground and buses.

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