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Topic: Pharmacy  |  Series: Reflections
Chemik-farmaceut. Můžete dělat cokoliv - biochemik ale po vystudování farmacie nejste. Budete se muset ještě hodně naučit! Zdroj: ordinace.czHere I am with yet another post within the topic "pharmacy and overseas". What is the foreign prestige of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Charles University in Prague? Does a graduate have a chance to find a job outside of the Czech Republic? Again, a broad topic which is being looked at from the perspective of a scientist.
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Topic: Pharmacy  |  Series: Reflections
Lékárník není podavač krabiček, málokde to ale dokáží skutečně ocenit, zdá se... Zdroj obrázku: fpwai.blog.comThe pharmaceutical section of this blog has been so far posted only in Czech. I often receive questions from people interested in studies of pharmacy and I always share my opinions on the web to make it reachable also for the other potential applicants. Recently I received a very interesting question. A full answer might easily turn into a book. Since it reached even behind the walls of the Faculty of Pharmacy, I decided to share my views also with the English using readers.